Insight Tours & Expeditions – Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism & Insight Tours 

As every nook and crevice of our world becomes ever more accessible to the pressures of the modern world, the importance of preserving the best of our world and of who we are becomes increasingly crucial.

Insight Tours & Expeditions has a sustainable vision that lies at the very roots of the company; roots that have only grown deeper and stronger with time. It is a continuation and evolution of our commitment to responsible travel that harks back to the beginnings of Insight in Munnar,Kerala . The Team had a dream to share his Munnar with small groups of like-minded travelers. Early on, our brand Safari Routes became part of a group of tour operators who established a code of ethics for safaris that included prohibiting smoking while on safaris and forbidding guides and drivers to harass wildlife. Today those ideas seems obvious, however, in Munnar, they were not.
As Insight grew, so did its commitment to responsible travel. One result was the nonprofit Spirit of Insight Foundation, which was formally launched as a  nonprofit organization. It seeks to broaden the scope and depth of its support for wildlife and habitat conservation, preservation of traditional cultures and communities, poverty alleviation, and education and healthcare initiatives around the world.

In keeping with the United Nations’ declaration that 2017 is The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, each month throughout this year, we will share with you stories and examples of just how traveling with Insight Tours can make a difference in helping create affirmative outcomes in the places you want to see.


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